Cynterra is changing how organisations connect.

Founded by an experienced team of enterprise security professionals, we are changing the way modern businesses stay secure by providing a flexible, adaptable, and highly efficient network security fabric.

Our Vision

We envision a world where flexibility, resources, and time are no longer the expected sacrifices in keeping your organisation secure.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of security for our corporate and government clients with our frictionless and adaptable solutions.

Our Dedication

We are vigilant in our pursuit to provide the highest grade of security to our clients, and evolving our solutions to keep that promise.

Our Story

The core concept for Cynterra was drafted over coffee, literally on the back of a napkin. Our three founders sat together, talking through the fundamental problems and challenges that faced the security industry and conceptualised a solution to an evasive piece of the puzzle.

Hardware gateways have traditionally been very expensive, taken exceptionally long in their implementation, and been overtly resource-hungry when it comes to BAU management. The idea of a gateway that sits in the cloud, and exceeds the capabilities of dedicated, multi-million-dollar hardware solutions was born.

Our Leadership

Paul HeatonDirector & Co-Founder

An innovative and results-driven senior IT professional with broad experience in senior management roles across APAC. Paul understands the unique security challenges of multinational enterprises as well as state and federal government.

Drago GvozdanovicDirector & Co-Founder

Having worked inside an Australian Government department for over 24 years, Drago brings a strong focus on data communications and virtualisation and their application to overall convergence, lowering costs and providing overall efficiencies to Cynterra’s customers.

Our Partners