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360 Degree Security Protection

The Cynterra Advantage

Cynterra’s Solutions

We help businesses stay secure in the modern cloud era. With flexible software-defined security solutions that meet the most stringent Australian Signals Directorate compliance standards, both government agencies and private enterprise can now get the best security possible at the right price point. To understand how, connect with us today to discuss our Solutions and a move towards security solutions that simply work.


Who Cynterra Helps

Network Architects

The requirement for a secure gateway that meets all possible compliance standards is vital for any Network Architect. Cynterra’s GWaaS solution allows you to stand-up and tear-down cheap, highly effective cloud-based gateways for any use case. You’ll maintain full control and visibility through an intuitive dashboard, and enhance your speed, capability, and delivery while maximising the security performance for your organisation.

Security Specialists

When threat intelligence is what fuels your primary mandate, Cynterra’s there to support you. Our solution talks with your SIEM and our proprietary aggregators and with Kibana, consolidates security and risk data into rapidly and easily digestible visuals. You have a solution that’s as much about providing insight as it is about security, and that allows for customised searches for pattern matching unearthing threats.

Cloud Architects

The flexibility of modern cloud solutions is what you require for your business. Being able to fluidly adapt to operational and functional challenges is what’s driving cloud adoption by just about every organisation on the planet. So how do you secure the cloud when it’s designed to be open? Cynterra’s modular approach provides the security for your internal and connecting systems, providing a truly secure ecosystem within the cloud.


With hardware-based gateways costing potentially millions of dollars, and huge lead times for implementation, it’s historically been very high-cost and high-risk for an organisation to keep up when it comes to the ever-evolving challenges of security. With Cynterra’s cloud-based solution, the costs are fractional, the time for implementation is orders of magnitude faster, and because it’s cloud-based, there’s no end-of-life as it’s continually upgraded.

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