Cynterra wins DTA contract

Apr 26, 2021 | Media, News

Sydney-based cyber security and data analysis outfit Cynterra has won a contract with the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), to provide it with a new generation Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

Cynterra chief executive Drago Gvozdanovic said the gateway was a result of years of research and development, and would help the DTA configure  secure environments in less than a day.

“Traditionally, government agencies have relied on big-iron consolidated gateways
which must continually grow in capacity to handle each and every varying
requirement. This is expensive, slow and creates more opportunities for cyber
attacks,” he said.

“Cynterra’s secure cloud platform allows an architecture that tailors security to a specific application and its requirements. This approach reduces the  attack surface of the organisation meaning if one environment is compromised, the others continue to operate independently.”

He added that his firm was looking at winning more government contracts. “Cynterra’s secure cloud platform exceeded expectations by offering tailored
gateways for different environments that can be up and running almost immediately,” he said. “We encourage CIOs, CISOs, and CEOs across the country to question their current gateway solution and embark on the move


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