Cynterra’s Technology

How Cynterra Delivers

The entire Cynterra Secure Gateway Portfolio is built to process data up to and including Protected Level data. All services include a dedicated portal containing full reporting dashboard, single tenanted, redundancy, resiliency, high throughputs, etc

Cynterra’s Pillars of Protection



Cynterra has combined best of breed technologies with internally developed proprietary architecture to ensure security is at the highest level. The latest Threat Intelligence information is collated and ingested by Cynterra, ensuring the customer has the most up to date security posture. Near Real-time security monitoring and comprehensive logging of cloud and network traffic is standard with seven years of data available on demand. 

Advance Threat Protection

Cynterra combines threat intelligence, malware analysis, prioritised analysis, and remediation of threats. Industry leading Threat Protection is provided by combining network and application security, security segmentation and segregation, application whitelisting, and encryption at both rest and in flight.


Compliance Management

Cynterra services are built to meet the Australian Signals Directorate’s security requirements for PROTECTED level and is compliant with IT security governance and legislative requirements, including the Australian Government ISM, PSPF and Privacy Act. The Cynterra Cloud GWaaS is a security event driven system that automates compliance with best practice security guidelines and corporate security policies.


LEARNING through Visibility

Cynterra collects and collates log data, network alerts and threat information and then complies and enriches the data within our secure analytical platform. Relevant alerting and reporting are displayed on the organisation’s secure portal in near real time. Change and problem management are also features within the portal, with requests tracked and action recorded ensuring service transparency to the customer.