Cynterra Security Gateway for IP Australia

Apr 21, 2021 | Media, News

Canberra-based security services provider Cynterra has landed a deal with IP Australia to secure its online applications with its unique security gateway.

IP Australia administers intellectual property rights and legislation relating to patents, trade marks, registered designs and plant breeder’s rights in Australia. The agency is part of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

The deal was worth $250,000 per year, which involved the provision of cloud-based web gateways for the agency’s trademark and patent systems and other online applications.

The contract was awarded in partnership with services giant NTT Ltd, who would provide 24/7 monitoring services for IP Australia through its Security Operations Center, as well as threat escalation and service management services.

Cynterra’s web gateways would provide IP Australia with real-time reporting and data collection methods involving geo-spatial data updated threat information. The data would assist the agency to see threats posed to their gateways and also see who accesses data and from where.

Cynterra chief executive Paul Heaton said the win is a positive sign that government agencies are now backing local cyber-security service providers.

“We see this as a milestone for not only Cynterra, but validation and the acceptance of cloud-based solutions and the capabilities of Australian cybersecurity,” Heaton said.

“The forward-thinking of this Australian Government agency is encouraging – not just for Australian security firms, but for the general public too.”

The company claimed its system would increase the speed of IP Australia’s online applications by 150 percent compared to non-cloud solutions.

Cynterra said it was also trialing its gateways with a range of Government departments designed to protect classified communications up to the official Sensitive and Protected levels.

“We are incredibly proud to be protecting the Government agency that holds the intellectual property and much of the innovation we’ll see in our nation’s future. We see our secure Gateway service as integral in not only protecting the agency but enabling them to work much faster using our system,” Heaton added.

“This should boost public confidence that our national interests are being kept safe by an Australian company.”

Looking ahead, Cynterra is aiming to expand into the enterprise market as more government agencies adopt the company’s tech and services.

“We see a bright future for Cynterra. We expect our gateways to be protecting and accelerating the largest Australian organisations and government departments by 2025,” Heaton said.


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