The Cynterra Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) has been built to promote the adoption of cloud by organisations and to facilitate the interaction between governments, industry, developers and citizens by taking away the complexities of traditional network gateways. Cynterra offers the GWaaS to both government and industry to develop new and exciting services that will enable a higher level of servicing to governments, industry and citizens.

The Cynterra GWaaS leverages AWS cloud services and provides security domain separation. The gateway delivers firewall and network segmentation, encryption and an architected system aimed at decreasing the risk of data loss or unauthorised access whilst providing visibility to cloud service usage and compliance to the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

To meet the stringent cyber requirements of the Australian Federal Government, the Cynterra GWaaS has incorporated the Australian Signal Directorate’s (ASD) Top Four and Essential Eight cyber incident mitigation strategies. The Cynterra GWaaS has also implemented the required Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Information Security Manual (ISM) controls and has completed an IRAP Assessment against PROTECTED ISM controls for consideration by ASD for Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL) listing.


Cloud Native

As the Cynterra Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) is cloud native, it inherits the cloud attributes of resiliency, redundancy, elastic compute along with offering a metered billing service


Built to Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) standards, the Cynterra Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) is built to process data up to and including the data classification level of PROTECTED

Cost Effective

As the Cynterra Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) is a metered service, organisations will only pay for what they use.


The Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) utilises elastic cloud compute and therefore “right sizes” for the appropriate network traffic.

Speed to Deployment

Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) can be deployed in approximately one hour. This saves both time and effort when building and deploying cloud solutions.


Cynterra's service portfolio utilises the latest public cloud technologies and services to ensure customers have the most up to date cyber security coupled with progressive, technology enabled services.

Gateway as a Service (GWaaS)

Cynterra has taken the concept of hardware-based network gateway and ported it into the public cloud. In doing so, Cynterra has created the first ISM compliant gateway within the Public Cloud. The Cynterra GWaaS provides security compliance, data protection, visibility and threat protection services. The Cynterra GWaaS protects the customer’s cloud hosted infrastructure and services, as well as ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data passing through the gateway environment.

Mail Gateway as a Service

The Cynterra Secure Mail Gateway Service provides an ISM compliant, public cloud hosted secure Mail Gateway Service that is an add-on to the GWaaS Product suite. The service defends against unwanted spam, socially-engineered phishing and email compromise, accelerating variants of ransomware and other malware, and increasingly targeted attacks from adversaries of all kinds. The service can be used to protect sensitive data of all types, reducing the risk of inadvertent loss and/or non-compliance with regulations like ISM, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and more.

Secure Centralised Log Storage as a Service

The Cynterra Secure Log Storage Service is a low cost, ISM compliant, public cloud hosted repository for secure centralised Log Storage. Cynterra incorporates Elastic search capabilities into the service for interrogation and extrapolation of the log information. Kabana dashboards are created to visualise log storage information. The service includes complete information lifecycle capabilities, which includes immediate access, intermediate access and long-term storage.

Log Analytics as a Service

“Log Analytics” is the product suite for the Cynterra Advanced Analytical Platform (CAAP). This advanced public cloud platform uploads and merges multiple log sources into common data sets. The data sets are then enriched with threat intellegence, providence and geographical information, time-based algorithms, and other consequential information. CAAP processes the customers enriched datasets in near real-time (NRT) with Machine Learning enabled resources coupled with the latest Artificial Intellegence capabilities of AWS. The result is the most relevant, up to date monitoring and alerting that can be automated into actionable sequences and counter-measures to enhance an organisations threat response and cyber security capabilities.

Pillars of Protection

Cloud Security

Cynterra has combined best of breed technologies with internally developed proprietary architecture to ensure the Cynterra security is at the highest level. The latest Threat Intelligence information is collated and ingested by Cynterra, ensuring the customer has the most up to date security posture. Near Real-Time security monitoring and comprehensive logging of cloud services and network traffic is standard with seven years of data available on demand. Security reporting is automated with customisable reports available via the Cynterra Customer Portal. Automatic signature updates and patching has been enabled, ensuring vulnerabilities are managed and mitigated in the shortest possible timeframe.

Advance Threat Protection

Cynterra combines threat intelligence, malware analysis, prioritizsed analysis, and remediation of threats. Industry leading Threat Protection is provided by combining network and application security, security segmentation and segregation, application whitelisting, and encryption at both rest and in motion

To meet the stringent cyber requirements of the Australian Federal Government, the Cynterra GWaaS has incorporated the Australian Signal Directorate’s (ASD) Top Four and Essential Eight cyber incident mitigation strategies.

Compliance Management

Cynterra services are built to meet the Australian Department of Defence security requirements for PROTECTED level and is compliant with IT security governance and legislative requirements, including the Australian Government ISM, PSPF and Privacy Act. The Cynterra Cloud GWaaS is a security event driven system that automates compliance with best practice security guidelines and corporate security policies.


Cynterra collects and collates log data, network alerts and threat information and then complies and enriches the data within our secure Machine Learning enabled, analytical platform. Relevant alerting and reporting are displayed on the organisation’s secure portal in near real time. Change and problem management are also features within the portal, with requests tracked and action recorded ensuring service transparency to the customer.

Pricing Model

The Cynterra Gateway as a Service (GWaaS) is a metered service in which organisations are only charged for what they use. Alternatively, the Cynterra GWaaS pricing model can be delivered as a standardised model over multiple months or multi-year contract.